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We Provide The Best Equestrian and Horse Riding Since 2010

Since 1966, Wunderbar Arabians has been involved in the breeding, training, and exhibition of Arabian horses. Our breeding program was established on renowned domestic and Polish lineages, as well as a basic mindset dedicated to perfection.

These horses have great pedigrees and will fit right into a portfolio, show-string, or broodmare band. Wunderbar’s meadows are blessed by some of North America’s most beautiful Arabian horses as a result of this attitude and our years of hard work. These are exceptional people, each with the potential to make the Arabian industry’s promising future even brighter.


Following a three-year hiatus from the Arabian Horse Show ring, our return and debut in 1999 were a huge success.


Wildwood Kochar, pictured above with the original founders of Wunderbar Arabians, Helen and Jake Friesen, was the horse that started it all for us here at Wunderbar. Wildwood Kochar was a horse who was “ahead of his time,” which was discovered only after his death.